Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bridge Plank Missing

Amongst the storms, heat, closed trails and the generally unfavorably riding conditions, today I was able to squeeze in a bike ride on the Wabash Trace. At 10am, it was sunny and cool at 75 deg - just a stiff breeze from the East. I decided to attempt a ride from Silver City to Malvern and back.

Not too bad once on the trail. The trees sheltered some of the wind. The first problem I encountered was at Silver Creek Bridge. One of the bridge decking planks is missing. Someone has stuck a tree branch into the gap to warn riders. (see photo).

There must have been some strong winds recently. Between the Silver Creek Bridge and 305th St, (a distance of 1 mile) there are two dead falls that have dropped onto the trail.

The rest of the ride down to Malvern was without incident. Stopped there at the depot and drank a bottle of G2 and ate a granola bar. Sky was starting to look threatening, so headed back.

Sure enough, at Gaston Rd, I started feeling some large drops of rain hitting me. I had 3 miles left of my return ride. Picked up the pace a little. Had my heart rate up to near my max for a while.

The sprinkle did not last much. kept pedaling up to Silver City. As I arrived in Silver City, I heard some thunder to the South. Guess I was back just in time.

The wind died down some on the way back (I was looking forward to a good tail wind).
Still, it felt good to get in the bike ride - had been over a week since I had been on a bike.

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