Monday, July 18, 2011

Road Closed - We Get the Idea

Two weeks agi I first saw this collection of signs at Lake Manawa. The sign is at the bicycle trail and road to the river boar landing (mountain bike trail area). The road was a popular spot to view the rive and the flooding.

That day, I figured they wanted folks off the road and out of the area because of levee work. Since the signs are still up, it seems they really don't want anyone over that way. Hope I will not get in trouble for leaning my bike (parking) at the sign (LOL).

A new map of trails closed due to the flooding has posted by Council Bluffs. This shows more closures than the June map.

Anyway, this morning parked at the Nature Trail and headed West and the bicycle trail. At the signed shown here, I transferred to the road. Followed out normal route around Lake Manawa to TSC. There, instead of riding through the streets, I rode the new bicycle trail along Hwy 92, and down along E. Manawa Road.

The newly completed trail still needs grass planted and a good sweeping (or heavy rain) to clean the trail surface. Rode over to the Lake Manawa Trail and back to the parking lot. About 6.5 miles so far.

Not enough mileage, to started lap 2 around the lake. This time at the North short, I rode over to the shelters and boat ramp. Stopped for some G2, and back to the maine road.

It was 80 when I started, 85 when I finished (basically 7am to 8am). Sunny, light breeze from the South (no wind at the parking lot - just lots of mosquitoes). 14 miles in 1:09 - pretty good speed for me. Oh, I was on the road bike.

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