Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer Sign

All over Council Bluffs, we encounter these signs. So much of our bicycle trails are on the levees. With the flooding this year, the levees are off limits. In addition to this, we are treated to truck and equipment traffic all over town working to re-enforce the levees.

No access to the levee at the river boat ramp at Manawa. Even had barricade across the bicycle trail before the road.

Today I rode from Lake Manawa to the Trails Center. The Trails Center was closed (on July 4th!) The parking lot was packed with equipment (guessing for the levee re-enforcement).

The trail between the trails center and the baseball diamonds is partially covered with water. Believe that is ground water seepage from the river. Never seen the trail there under water.

On the positive side - construction of the trail along E Manawa Drive is almost completed.

I have never seen so many riders on the streets to ride around Lake Manawa. Have to ride someplace with so many of the trails closed.

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