Saturday, July 2, 2011

Price Gouging - Kenosha

Thursday, I was in Kenosha, WI. Was planning to gas up the car for my drive home. Gas was running $3.499 to $3.559. Diesel fuel was in the $3.69 area.

I was out for my internet fix (getting e-mail, writing in this blog, checking facebook). During the 2 hours I was out, gas jumped 15 to 26 cents a gallon - up to $3.669/$3.759. At first I just figured a little bit heavy bump up on the price for the holiday weekend.

When I drove back home, I found that the gouging (because now it is clearly price gouging) was only in the Kenosha area. Once out towards Lake Geneva, the price was right where it had been Monday when I drove to Kenosha. All the way home - Beloit, Quad Cities, all across Iowa - price was about the same the week before. Diesel was also holding at the same price in the $3.6xx price.

The only think I can figure out is that one or two gasoline distributors in Kenosha are gouging the public. Gas supplies are high. Price of oil has been dropping. There is no other explanation.

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