Tuesday, July 26, 2011

High Humidity

When I stuck my head out of the door this morning, I was not really sure I wanted to ride this morning. No air moving, hot, humid, and foggy. But I have other commitments Wednesday, and knew I will feel better once I got on the bike.

Early ride (left the house at 6am). Planning to do my normal laps around Lake Manawa. I was off and on the trail at 6:30. Hoping to see a nice sunrise. Really need to be up a little earlier for the best sunrise - but there was some clouds in the East sky, enough to put some color in the sunrise. Stopped on the road so that my sun will be partially blocked by a tree on Boy Scout Island. Anyway - that's today's photo.

The first section of the ride I felt some of a chill from the dampness. Other places I was comfortable. That is, until I was on my second lap when the sun started having its effect. Thankful for the breeze along the East side of the lake (or was it the breeze I was creating when riding?) When I returned to the car, there was NO air moving as I loaded the bike on the car.

Quickly changed shoes and headed over to Panera Break for coffee and some air.

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Sunny side up said...

Awesome photo! In this humidity you just want to stay inside an air-conditioned building.