Friday, July 1, 2011

Riding in Kenosha

Wednesday and Thursday were my days to ride. Have been in Kenosha this week to visit my mom. First, it was a ride on the North Shore Trail.

The trail is the old North Shore commuter line. The trail passes just behind my mom's apartment. Rode from there north into Racine.

The southern end of the trail (also known as the Kenosha County Bicycle Trail) starts at 35th St, between 22nd Ave and 30th Ave. At the county line, it becomes the Racine County Bicycle Trail.

In Kenosha County, the trail surface is crushed stone. In Racine, its asphalt. In Racine, the trail ends it Northward direction at the junction with Root River Pathway. Without a map in my jersey, i did not want to get lost trying to follow the pathway. It disappears into the street at about 16th St.

The county trail heads West toward Sturtevent. Not sure just hoe far. I rode less than a half mile and started back toward Kenosha. A nice 15+ mile ride. As you can see from the above photo, it was a beautiful day for a bike ride.

When i got back, called my Aunt Audrey and we met for lunch at Bonnies Diner before visiting with my mom.

The weather was warming up, so Thursday was a good day to ride along the lake. Starting on the streets for a mile until I picked up the Pike River Trail, At this time, the trail starts at 18th St and Birch Road. Then through Alford Park and on to the Carthage College campus. From there South along the Lake Michigan shore.

There is a break in the trail getting off Simmons Island. Pick it back up at 62nd St. The trail brings you past the Southport Marina to Eichelman Park. The trail ends in the park at 3rd Ave. About 5 miles from Alford Park to Eichelman Park. Another beautiful place to bike on a early summer day.

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