Thursday, July 14, 2011

Climbing Dumfries

Second day in a row, the morning was overcast and "cool" by July standards. I kitted up and grabbed the hybrid bike for a ride. Since there also was a bit of a breeze, I decided to climb Dumfries Hill.

Not sure how the climb would be. I have not been doing much climbing, and I was riding the hybrid (larger wheels than my hardtail). The climb went well - pedaling up at 8-9 mph. A few other riders on this portion of the Trace.

Stopped at Margaritaville for G2 and a granola bar. Margaritaville is looking pretty nice these days. Thanks to Greg and others that keep it cleaned up.

Then, what I was waiting for - the ride back down the 4 mile hill. No effort to cruise down the hill at 16 mph on the 28 mm, slick tires on this bike. Made the round trip in 1:08. Not my fastest trip. but I was pleased.

The heat is coming. Forecast is for heat index in the 105-110 Friday through Tuesday. Any riding will have to be very early in the morning.

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