Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ride to Malvern

I was a bit tired after breakfast. Napped a little and was almost blowing off a bike ride. But, I knew I would feel better once I got on the trail.

Dennis was planning to ride the Trace Silver City to Malvern. I was asking about the condition of the trail (and when was there rain). Had not yet ridden the hybrid with its narrower (28mm) slicker tires. Have been riding the hardtail mountain bike on the Trace.

No problems riding the hybrid. Did have to take it easy through a couple spots where there was sand or course gravel. Unloaded the saddle when hitting the transition from the crushed limestone to bridge planking and back.

Be careful when crossing Silver Creek Bridge. There are some planking spikes are working themselves up. I was able to step on the spikes to push them back down. They will likely work back up, soon.

Did a quick tour downtown Malvern and drank some of my water and G2. As I was departing Malvern, I saw Dennis crossing Keys Ave. I joined him with a break at the pond shelter. We rode together back to Silver City.

As expected, my speed on the trip was higher - with the skinnier, slicker tires.

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