Thursday, June 18, 2009

Back Up Horse Gulch

Boy, was I tired last night! After dinner at The Diamond Belle, I crashed - big time. Woke up about 2am - not sleepy. Did some photo processing. Within an hour - back asleep. Didn't get up until 7am!

Breakfast at the Durango Diner. Eggs, sausage, toast and an awesome pile of hash browns. Visited bike shops a little. Found another mirror like I like - picked up one at Durango Cyclery. Another bike shop (2nd Ave Sports) had jersey in my size and a pair of nice long, baggy shorts.

So now, my singletrack ride today. (that's what you really wanted to read about, right?)

I headed back up Horse Gulch, wanting to ride more of the trails there. Unloading the bike, my heart rate was in the 80s (it was about 150 yesterday - according the monitor). Feeling pretty good walking the bike up the gulch. Rode Meadow Loop to the junction with Stacy's Loop. Stopped for a couple times to slow down my heart rate/catch my breath. Even rode more of Stacy's Loop than i did yesterday.

Next, I decided to check out Mike's Trail. Didn't look too bad at the junction with Stacy's Loop.. Let me tell you, for what I am used to, there are some very rough climbs, rock fields, and "what the #$%^" descents. Think I walked more than ride that trail.

Out of Mike's trail, I was faced with the decision to which way to ride Cuchillo. At this time I was looking for a nice, easy ride down. I chose to the right. Think I chose the wrong way. After a nice descent, the trail quickly climbed. I hiked the bike up the trail. By this time I was riding a ridge. That would be all and good, except the ridge was a rock field! Eventually, the trail came steeply down the ridge - more walking the bike. Guess I should have turned left on Cuchillo.

Its was a good day riding. Rode trail sections better than yesterday. Negotiated trail more obstacles that I have before. A better rider, and very tired rider!

My original plan was to drop off the bike and hike on the Colorado Trail later today. Don't think my legs would hand it - so decided to call it a day for riding. After all, more photos to process today. This evening, time to start packing my room and say good-bye to Durango. Heading to Mesa Verde tomorrow.

Today's photo was taken on the descent down Cuchillo.

Addendum: URGH - was just finishing this addendum, when the Internet times out and I lost it. Anyway, this evening I was looking for a salad bar with dinner (keep my vitamin K in control). At the motel, they only knew of one - in an expensive restaurant. Searching the web, I found Beau Jo's . They are mostly a pasta & pizza place. I opted for the buffet. Had a good salad, a small helping of pasta, and several pieces of very good pizza. On top of that, the have a senior discount - $2 off the buffet. The only place I have seen in Durango that gives a senior discount. Find Bea Jo's south/east of downtown across from the Comfort Inn.

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