Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Yesterday dawned clear and cold in Dillon, CO (40 deg!). I had a bit of a head ache from the altitude (over 9000 ft in Dillon). For these reasons, I skipped my planning morning bike ride and got on the road.

Most of the drive was boring. Hwy 285 through Colorado is not exciting. Not much to snap photos until I hit Wolf Creek Pass. The photo here was taken at the scenic view West down the pass toward Pagosa Springs.

Lots of construction on Hwy 160 coming into Durango. Stopped at the Visitor Center for info. Then checked into my motel.

Grabbed the bike and headed downtown to find the bike shops. Stopped by Mountain Bike Specialists - checking out the shop ride on Thursday evening. I found out that they are planning to ride a much more difficult trail than the trail on the web site. Guess I will have to scope out rides myself.

On the way back past my motel, to the local Trek dealer - Hassle Free Sports. The wrench did some adjustments to the shifter and read derailleur (was a little out of alignment).

During the ride. my heart rate was over the roof! Probably from missing a meal middle of the day and the altitude. Will have to watch this here.

Capped the day with too much food at The Olde Tymers Cafe downtown Durango. It was burger night. And checked out the local brew (SKA Pinstripe). Chatted with "Cowboy Bruce", who gave me some recommendations.

Now, what to do today? Do I take the Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad? Hike up to Horse Gulch to check out the trails? Something else? Stay tuned.

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