Monday, June 22, 2009


This is a cycling blog, but I will start this posting with my "tourist" activity. Yesterday, I spent half the day in Monument Valley. Drove the gravel road amongst the rock formations. Lots of photos of the formations.

Then on down to Sedona. I have to say the drivers in Arizona (at least those in the NE section) are reckless. I was driving at or near the speed limit. In 2 hours, I think there were only 3 or 4 cars I passed. Everyone was flying pass me. That, and they love to tailgate at 65 mph! Most of them were driving pick-ups. By the time I was to my hotel I was frustrated - and in need of a bike ride.

Stopped at the Bike and Bean. Talked with folks there and got the skinny on riding the local trails. As the temperature dropped a little, I headed out on the Bell Rock Pathway. Today's photo is my bike on the Pathway. That went well, so turned off and rode the Big Loop Trail. I was very happy with my progress riding rocks. that, and the climbing. it has been getting that I don't realize how much I climbed, until I start flying back down!

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