Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mesa Verde

Friday, it was a drive over to Mesa Verde. Did a driving tour. Had thought about doing one of the payed tours of the "homes". Was told all required very strenuous climbing steps and ladders. Decided would be more fun getting my strenuous workout on my bicycle.

Stopped at the restaurant at Spruce Tree House. Talk about a SLOW serving line! Then there was a 1 year old (I estimate) was bawling, screaming. Gave me a headache. I know that when I was that age, there was no doing that! Otherwise my dad would give me something to cry about (a good spanking).

Anyway, found the bike shop in Cortez (Kokopelli Bike and Board). They gave me skinny of trails in the area. Showed me a very good map of the local trails. The map is produced by a local publisher. If you go to the Cortez, CO area, pick up the map by

When I got back to my room and working on the computer, the room did not smell right. I asked at the desk if the room might be a smoking room. The desk clerk said she could not check (computer problem?). Back while in the room, it started really getting to me, so I sent back to the desk. New desk clerk. She said I am in a smoking room and that's the way the reservation came through as. I showed her my confirmation for a non-smoking room. They have no more non-smoking rooms. Eventually I was moved to the Rodeway Inn.

With finally settling on the 2nd room there, I decided to head over the the brew-pub for a beer. Met up some guys working for the Forest Service and had been mountain biking that evening. Had a good conversation. One is from Fort Madison, IA. Another knows a friend in Omaha that had raced a Psycowpath race.

A good ending of a frustrating day.

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