Monday, June 22, 2009

Morning Ride then to Scottsdale

This morning, I needed to ride before heading to Scottsdale for my Army Reunion. Headed back up the Bell Rock Pathway. Today was an "exploration" ride. Checking out the trails that branch of the Pathway.

The Templeton Trail looks a little over my abilities. Same for the HT trail. Was looking for the Bail Trail to go around Little Bell Rock. Eventually found it - on my way back. By then, thinking that I should just ride back to the hotel.

I made it almost the whole length of the Bell Rock Pathway. I worked on climbing rocks, riding slickrock, descending a rocky trail, and just the climbing and descending. By the end of the ride, I am a better at riding over the rocks and a rocky trail.

Now, sure, some spots I had to walk. Sometimes it was for the technical nature of the trail. Other times, I needed a break/rest. The important things - I had fun and I rode better.

Arrived my reunion in the afternoon. Chatted with some of my buddies. By the dinner time, I was obvious that I was fading.

Back up to Sedona tomorrow - with the Reunion Group. For tonight, off to bed!

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