Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Sunday morning some folks met at IHOP for a farewell breakfast. Hugs all around. From there - it was finish loading the car and head to Sedona.

On the way up to Sedona I stopped to see Montezuma's Castle. Its another structure built into the cliffs-side.

I was back in Sedona early afternoon and my room was not ready yet. Stopped in at The Bike & Bean, then went down to the creek crossing. Parking at the trailhead means purchasing a Red Rock vehicle parking permit. Anyway, after purchasing the permit, I walked down to the creek and took a few photos. The area gives a good views of Cathedral Rock.

It was 104 when I got to Sedona in the afternoon. Waited until about 6pm for ride. It was still HOT then. I went up Bell Rock Pathway to Big Park Loops and rode there. Got in about 5.5 miles.

I liked staying at the Wildflower Inn. It is a couple doors down the street from the Bike & Bean. Just a quarter mile or less to the trailhead. Was riding from the hotel room door!

Monday morning I was up early for my bike ride. Headed back up Bell Rock Pathway. But, my heart rate was not cooperating. Could not keep if down. Climbing it went up to 200, down to 125 when resting. Spiking back up as soon as I ride. Decided it was not a good day for me to ride. Early out of the hotel.

Since I was not riding my miles in the morning, stopped in Walnut Canyon National Monumnent. Got my work-out on the steps down and up the canyon. Walnut Canyon is another area where the Indians built homes in the cliff-side.

From there, it was a quick lunch and gas-up in Winslow, AZ. Next stop was Petrified Forest National Park and Painted Desert. More lots of photos; did some walking on the paths. Amazing that at once this desert was a swamp with huge trees.

It was sunny most of the day, threatening some showers from the South. Did get a couple drops on the windshield. Much of the drive through Painted Desert was under clouds. Bright sunshine broke out near the end. Think the overcast dampened the colors in the desert.

Bunked the night at Gallup, NM.

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