Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Yes, I am Still Riding

Just in case if you are wondering - I am still riding. Have not commented much here after my trip to Rapid City for the Black Hills Fat Tire Festival.

Last week I rode a couple days at Manawa to get my dirt fix. Sunday we had out first Sunday Morning Ride from Panara Bread (Mall of the Bluffs). This is our "Tour de Bluffs" route. Took a couple days off with the rain (my sore butt was appreciative).

Today I needed some repairs done on my car. It ended up to be an all-day affair. Good the opportunity to ride while the car is in the shop. Ended up riding 42 miles (the most I have ever ridden in on day). 110 miles in the last 7 days.

Today's ride included 2 miles in the dirt at Manawa. Manawa is in good shape - so planning to ride there tomorrow.

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