Friday, September 25, 2009

Lake Manawa Trails are Race Ready

Earlier this week the THOR ( Trail Crew descended on the Lake Manawa mountain bike trails. There were about 8-9 of us Sunday and another 6 in the threatening weather Monday. A good turn out to finish the work Tuesday evening.

Our Trail Leader mowed the trail last week. We had weed whackers running the 3 evenings to trim the edges of the trail. All of the log crossings were stabilized. The trail was lopped to trim branches.

This photo shows the first log crossing in Tony's Playground.

Thanks for all of the volunteers. We had a big turn-out of non-members and first timers.

Heard from my cardiologist's nurse regarding my heart rate. The clinic wants my heart rate low - as long as so low that I pass out or get light headed. Maybe my body is starting to adjusting to the new medication - yesterday I was able to get my heart rate up to 112 bpm riding back from Manawa.

Yesterday I rode from Xtreme Wheels over to Lake Manawa. Rode 2 laps (except No Second Chance) and back to the shop. Was a good 23 mile ride on the Fuel EX7.

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