Wednesday, September 23, 2009

No Restrictions

Monday morning I was able to see my cardiologist. Stopped at Jenny Edmundson Hospital to pick up lab report and copy of the EKG taken on Saturday. Then it was over to UNMC.

After the first consultation I was hook up to an EKG. Of course (Murphy's Law), at the clinic, I was in sinus rhythm. Doctor Sears showed me the EKGs, and the trace that showed the AF.

As we discussed the treatment (medications), I asked it I had any restrictions. He told me there are no restrictions. He wants me to record when and what I was doing when (if) I have another episode. See him again in 3 months. I headed out of the clinic with a prescription for Propafenone.

One of my friends said it best on Facebook. "Yeee HAAAA !"

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