Monday, September 28, 2009

Ride at Manawa - Race day plus 1

Sunday turned out to be a sunny, windy day with the temperature in the 80s. A good day to ride in the woods.

The first think I noticed as I rode in the parking lot - some a$$ had dumped a load of trash just where the official's tent was set up. With all the work done, it only an overnight to have the park trashed.

Taking in easy, I rode the sidewinders as a warm-up. From there, I headed out for a lap or two. Started on the West side.

On the way back toward the parking lot in Wood Chopper, someone had constructed a "fence" of sorts, using branches and limbs. The last laps I made here were on Tuesday evening. This structure was not there at that time. Was this "fence" was up for the race? There sure was a lot of work put into this construction.

No other anomalies noted during the ride. Ended up with riding 2 laps plus for 14.8 miles.

The ride was not near one of my best riding efforts. Pace was only 7.4 mph. Even with the pace, I was able to get my heart rate up into the 90s. Anyway, I started another week of riding - see if I can make 100 miles again this week.

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