Thursday, September 24, 2009

Propafenone (Rythmol)

Yesterday I was able to make quantitative assessments of the new medication. And, I am NOT pleased. This riding was done on my hybrid (Trek 7200FX with 28c tires). Walking around the bike shop while getting ready for the ride, my pulse was about 65 bpm (one time my monitor showed 49 bpm, think that was a fluke reading).

I started with 4-5 mile warm up. That section of the ride was at about 11-12 mph but my heart rate would only climb into the 80s. At that time, I brought the speed up 13-14 mpg with a heart rate of about 95 bpm. A mile of that and I pushed it on up to see what I could get.

My heart rate topped out at 104. Rode for a mile or two at 100-104 bpm. This is the point that I started getting short of breath. After that, my left leg was losing some strength, almost like a mild cramp. (Lactate build-up in the muscle?). I slowed down the past for the rest of the route to the Trails Center.

For comparison, last week I would start to get short of breath at 130+ bpm! Add to that I was riding about 1.5 mph faster last week.

From the Trails Center, I continued my ride to N 25th St - 15+ miles from the bike shop. Kept my pace in the area of 11-13 mph for that section and the ride back to the bike shop. Stopped both ways at the Western Historic Trails Center to use the restroom, consume a bottle of Gaterade G2 and granola bar.

On the ride, I was wondering if my cardiologist really knows the dose I am on of other blood pressure medications that also slow down the heart rate. When I was on 50 mg of Lopressor twice a day, my max heart rate was 150 to 160. When that dose was increased to 100 mg twice a day, the max dropped to 130-140. Now with Rythmol, my max heart rate is about 105!

When my cardiologist said that the new medication would lower my heart rate, I commented that mine was already very low. His reply was "hydrate". Pretty sure I normally hydrate myself enough, I gave him the benefit of doubt until I could verify.

Will be calling the clinic this morning.

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