Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Recalibrating Heart Monitor Readings

Monday afternoon I did not have time to ride my bike. Had trail work that evening. There was threatening rain anyway. I spend the evening running a weed wacker.

Yesterday, it was time to get back on the bike. For several reasons, took the hardtail. Wanted to check out the new tires (the same tires as OEM on the bike). Could be a little windy, and would be using that bike anyway for trail work.

Headed out slowly. Always do that when any change to bike or meds. As I rode the paved trail, I noticed higher rolling resistance. Guess those tires were pretty well worn!

Once I was warmed up, I started pushing it more. On stretches, I got my speed up to 14 mph - couple times up to 15 mph. That was about all I wanted to push then. I started getting a little winded - but my heart rate topped only 105.

I need to read up more about the new medications - Propafenone (AKA Rythmol). It is used to treating irregular heartbeat. My doctor told me that it may also slow down my heart rate.

With the Propafenone and high dosage of Lopressor and other blood pressure meds, soon will need a calendar to check my pulse rather a watch!

Over the next weeks, I will have to keep close tabs on my heart rate and breathing. Should the medications interfere in my riding performance, my ask to try different prescription.

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