Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Construction at Big Lake

WOW - yesterday was a great day for a bike ride. Sunny, nearly calm winds, temperature in the upper 60s. I headed out from Xtreme Wheels in my hybrid. Goal was to a 30-40 mile ride.

Rode my normal route - Valley View, Lake Manawa, Indian Creek. Veteran's Memorial, and Western Historic Trails to the Trails Center. Made my routine stop there. From there I rode Iowa Riverfront to Big Lake. That made it over 17 miles from the bike shop to Big Lake.

When I got to Big Lake, I was surprised to see all the construction around the lake. The lake is nearly drained, what looks to be is a new ramp to the water, and lots of earth-moving going on.

Visiting with another observer, he suggested I go over the the North parking lot and see what else that is under construction. There, I saw a new drive, parking area, and picnic tables. A paved trail leads to the north lake. There I saw a board walk under construction reaching into the lake.

I understand that Council Bluffs is spending some million dollars on the Big Lake project. Now, if we could get the Iowa Riverfront Trail extended up to Lewis & Clark Monument.

Returned along the river to the Trails Center. After a break there, rode back past the bike shop. As I neared the shop (with 35 miles under the belt), I decided to extend the ride up to Iowa Western CC. With that, I made my goal of over 40 miles for the ride.

It was a good ride. Now while I have ridden more miles in 1 day before, the 40 mile ride was the longest ride without big breaks. This ride was 3 hours and 13 minutes riding time in just over 3.5 hours.

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