Friday, September 11, 2009

Trail Bike Tires

My Trek Fuel EX7 also got new shoes. After 2100 miles, the OEM tires were too worn - basically, no tread left. The bike shop had a pair of Continental Vapor 26 x 2.1 tires. They were mounted yesterday.

This morning, I had other things to do -- Trail work day signs to post, and a fraternity alumni luncheon -- so had to wait to ride until this afternoon. Headed out from Xtreme Wheels to Manawa.

As I started riding the path to Manawa, I could feel that this was not going to be a fast ride. My legs were just not ready for a hard hitting ride after the ride yesterday. As I turned into the singletrack at Lake Manawa, I sure felt the effect of riding on new tires.

When I started to wander out of the track and made a correction, I found I was over correcting. Like it was one of my first rides in singletrack! Was my riding getting sooooo sloppy that I could get away with that in worn tires? Am I too tired from the ride yesterday that I am riding so poorly? I think it was a little bit of both.

I almost stopped riding in the dirt after the West loop but trudged on. My riding was improving, but I could feel that my brain was being overtaxed, and a bit too tired. Finished a lap (ex No Second Chance) and headed back to the bike shop.

A proper test and report of the new tires will have to wait.

With the crazy weather we had this summer, the weeds grew to huge proportions. Add in lower volunteer attendance, some sections of the trail are overgrown. I hope we get a good turn-out for the Trail Work Days the week of September 20th.

We need lots of help with trail maintenance for the fall riding season and preparations for the Psycowpath Race scheduled for September 26th. If are in the area, please lend a hand.

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