Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dirt Rides

earlier this week, I rode dirt twice at Lake Manawa. The trail conditions have been good.

A couple problem areas are where folks rode when wet. This photo shows one such area in Fast Track. Ride that wet, muddy section ended up carving some deep ruts that keep filling up with rainwater. You can see that riders now have a re-route around the muddy part. The trail is now over 6ft wide! Our trail crew will have to do repairs during the next trail day.

Please - Do No Ride Wet Trails!

Monday, i rode from Xtreme Wheels, over to Manawa and did 2 laps of Manawa. Had a good ride. I was in my groove. Checked my pace on the 2nd lap - 40 minutes, 6 miles, 9 mph. Think I even overdid it. Really tired that night.

Yesterday was a "recovery" ride. Parked at Manawa and rode 2 slow laps (7.5 mph). Just what I needed. Feeling much better this morning.

Rain forecast for tonight. Looks like riding pavement and/or Wabash Trace again for a few days.

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