Sunday, June 20, 2010

Battlefield Ride - Take 2

It was a foggy, damp morning this morning. I decided to ride the Chickamauga Battlefield tour route. Needed to ride this morning after the day I had yesterday.

I did not bring the battlefield map, so I only rode the tour loop, lest I get lost (since I have a date with the FATS Trail System near Augusta, GA). Felt good to be back on the road bike.

It was a busy morning on the battlefield roads. Many bike riders, runners, walkers, and folks walking their dogs. Even saw one guy blading with 2 large dogs. Looked like they were pulling him up the road!

The fog and heavy air made for a surreal sight. While i did not plan to snap any photos this morning, I could not pass up the lighting. I really like this photo.

After completing a lap (except for the spur to the Snodgrass House), I was feeling good, so headed on for a second lap. No pushing the limits (just a nice ride).

After 2 laps it was time to head to the motel. I ended up with 12.9 miles in 59 minutes. The speed maxed at 21.1 mph, with speeds on 18-19 at times on the flats. Average was just over 13 mph. That was the fastest ride on the road buke, the fastest ride for the year!

Most of the rest of the day today was just boring driving. After I got to Augusta, GA, I stopped by the South Carolina Information Area. Picked up more info and maps for trails and the Myrtle Beach area.

Checking into the motel and reviewed some of the into I had. Decided to drive up to FATS (Forks Area Trail System. I was originally planning to ride in the later afternoon but there were showers in the area.

Found the trailhead. the topology of the area was looking good for my riding style. Visited with a rides at the trailhead. His words were also encouraging. Picked up a map at the kiosk.

Looking forward to ride in the morning.

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