Monday, June 21, 2010

FATS - Forks Area Trail System

The morning brought bright sunshine, heat, and humidity. Glad I was planning for a early bike ride.

I was at the trailhead about 7 am, ready to ride. The temperature was in the 70s already and about 100% humidity. No stopping me now - I stopped in Augusta just to ride FATS.

There is a large kiosk at the trailhead. Maps are available there. I headed down the trail. Soon I was at the junction of the trails. Well marked trail signs. There was also a map carved into a slab of tree. Also, a placard listing the organizations involved in constructing the trail system. Eventually, i will post photos of this on the web site.

On down the trail. A couple switchbacks to get down to the main trail. Again, at every trail junction there was a signpost. There is always a arrow the way to the trailhead and how far.

The trail was a mixture of sweet, flowing singletrack, a few short climbs, lots of rollercoaster, some roots, rocks, and armoring spots. A little of everything! The photo above shows one of the rollercoaster sections.

By the time I was getting near the end of my ride, I was getting pretty good at riding the rollercoaster. The only problem was a couple spots I had to get off the bike, not feeling comfortable riding a section. Mostly, I bombed down the trail.

That was until my legs started to get tired. I really need to get out and ride more trails like this one, to build up my stamina.

Had a great morning at FATS - wish I had more time to ride there. Showered, packed the car, and stopped at Denny's for a full breakfast (and to use the wi-fi). But, it is on to N. Myrtle Beach and my Army Reunion.

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