Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My New Ride

Made it back home yesterday afternoon. Went to the bike shop to see my new bike. At the shop, they were planning to get everything on the bike for this morning. Discussed what "extras" I wanted (computer, pedals, mirror, etc.)

This afternoon, I was time to check everything out. Did some adjustments, paid for the bike, and headed out for my ride.

The mirror needs some adjustment. Did not see how to change the mount to see better. When back, Zack figured how to re-position the mirror.

Several times the saddle moved on me. Stopped to re-adjust and tighten the mount. Back at the shop Zack put a torque wrench on the mount bolts. Hope that does the trick.

The first thing I noticed, it take a lot less effort to pedal for the same speed. What I called the speed to effort ration. Now, over the 20 miles ride I averaged about 11.4 mph, no great pace. But, I did a lot of coasting, checking out the bike handling, slow pedaling because of saddle issue, etc. My heart rate never even hit 100 bpm.

It just felt that it was much easier to ride - 12-14 mph into the wind, with the wind 16-18 mph. Another thing I noticed was the road bike is more "skittish" than my hybrid. All-in-all, I was pleased with the performance of the bike.

BTW - the new bike is a Gary Fischer, Rail Super T. Pretty bike, eh?

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