Saturday, June 26, 2010


Thursday was the golfing tournament. Before heading to the golf course, I went out for a short bike ride. First things I noticed was the computer was not working right. Someway, the wheel size got messed up. Tried to get it working, but no luck. Well, I had forgotten to wear my heart monitor, too. So, it was a short, easy ride. For logging purposes, think it was about 7 miles.

I went to the golf course to take photos of the group and tee-offs. Found out they had planned having me riding one of the carts. OK, will do that for a hole or two.

Well, by then, it was too far to walk back to the club house. So, rode the cart and shot some photos for the 9 holes the group played. Besides of the heat, I had a cart driver that smokes. Another year, if I ride with the golfers, will request a non-smoking cart-mate.

Didn't do much of anything else that day. Visited in the hospitality room. For "dinner", it was the "guys night out". We sent to the local VFW post for tacos. Was a pretty uneventful evening (except for getting lost). We caravaned to the Post. The lead vehicle did not wait for following vehicles that were caught at the light. Add to the confusion with conflicting directions - I was about to say "screw it" and head back to the hotel.

At the VFW, were were herded into the banquet hall. A couple of our group commented that we felt we were being segregated. So, was a early return to the hotel.

Played some dominoes (chicken foot), and started thinking of re-packing the room.

Friday was the shooting tournament. I thought about taking a bicycle ride before the group heads to the ranch. But, it is just too hot. I was not excited for standing around watching the guys (and gals) shoot, so just took a group photo in front of the hotel.

Another "do nothing" day. With the heat and humidity (heat index about 105) was just too hot to ride (even in the morning). Not really feeling like doing anything. Visited in the hospitality room. Wanted to do some computer work, but the internet was down here at the hotel. Word was that a power surge hit, and everything needed to be reset. It was finally restored late in the evening.

Alert: If for some reason you are thinking of visiting N. Myrtle Beach, I recommend the you stay away from staying at the Hampton Inn Harbourgate. We just had way too many problems with this hotel.

Later in the evening, grabbed the last bags out of the car to start re-packing for the return trip. Did more of that re-packing early this morning.

The fishermen (and women) were up early for breakfast. Visited with them, had breakfast, and took the group photo.

Three photos in this morning's posting: Top - Golfers, Middle - Shooters, Bottom - Fishermen (and women).

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