Friday, June 18, 2010

Ruby Falls

So, after the "warm" ride this morning, it was time to do something cool. How about tour a cave!

Yesterday, when I purchased my ticket for Rock City, I got the "double play" ticket - Rock City and Ruby Falls. Its not easy to find Ruby Falls from the back side (from the battlefield). Most signs are to point from the Interstate.

Eventually I found the route, and parked at Ruby Falls. The falls is underground - some 260 feet down. An elevator takes visitors to the cave. Once in the cave, its an over 2000 foot walk underground to the waterfall.

During the tour, the guide and signs point out special features of the cave. I shot a good number of photos during the hike.

While the cave was interesting, it was nothing like the waterfall at the end of the tour. The walk/hike was worth it. The waterfall is incredible!

The hike back was uneventful. After the tour, I at the snack stand - was getting pretty hungry. Then time to call it a day, and head for the motel. From the ride and the hike, I was tired.

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