Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Myrtle Beach

Well, I have settled into the Hampton Inn - Harborgate in Myrtle Beach, SC. The hotel name is significant because of the problems our group has had. While the room air conditioning is good, the hotel air conditioners for halls and public areas (breakfast area, meeting rooms, etc) are not working. It has not been working for over 2 1/2 weeks (per those working at the hotel)!

One of our reunion organizers called Hampton Inn headquarters. Word is that the air conditioning is getting fixed this morning.

Backing back a little, I ended up taking the "scenic" route from Augusta. Road signs direct me (I think) a older route on 2-lane roads. Should have taken the divided highway.

Monday evening was spent visiting. Tuesday morning I was out of the hotel for my bike ride.

Today's photo is of the Super T on the beach yesterday. Rode from the hotel, to the beach. Rode the streets along the beach to get the lay of the land, and stop in the Visitor Center. Wanted to pick up a bicycle map of the area.

Disappointed that several of the regulars are not able to attend. One of my buddies from Nam is supposed to come here Thursday. (See if he makes it -- have not seen him since the early 70s).

Most reunion weeks, there have been suggested sight-seeing places, some planned tours, etc. This year, those of us here for the first couple days are being left us to fend for ourselves - plan our own sight-seeing.

I guess one group went down to Charleston -I heard it last night. Was thinking of making the trip down there but its over 100 miles, over 2 hour drive, and not looking forward to that drive by myself.

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