Saturday, June 5, 2010

Festival of the Trails - Day 2

Its National Trails Day. Hope you are doing your part. Get out and enjoy our trails.

This morning was Technique de Trails, honing your skills on a mountain bike. The clinic was broken into 3 sections. The session was held at Gravel Pit Road Trail Head.

There was a section about riding over logs and obstacles. This one one thing i wanted to learn, but did not try it. There were 2 of us groups mixed doing different things. That, and the 2 instructors were talking at the same time. My brain could not process that much information at once. That, and the smallest log they had was taller than I had ridden over - so did not feel comfortable riding it. The instructor said to only ride over what you felt comfortable with. Did not hear much of what he said as showing/telling us how to ride.

The next skill I did better. We were up on the hill away from everyone else. This was riding figure 8's around a ring on the ground. The idea was to ride as lose as you can to the ring.

Final skill was riding lines. there were ropes on the ground - the goal was to ride close as possible to the rope. There was another riding between two straight line ropes. Finally, riding decreasing width planks. I did reasonable well with this lesson.

From there, it was on to Taste de Trails. Here, various local eating establishments set up booths along the trail. You stopped along the trail to sample their food.

Here, two riders are on the trail just after the food stop sponsored by The Brick House. We were treated to breakfast burritos and juice. I know there was coffee and sweets by Mooselips Java Joint, and sandwiches by Lakewoods Resort. Sorry that I missed the other food providers.

There was a food stop or two that I missed. Ended up with riding just over 4 miles with the skills riding and Taste de Trails.

From there, I went back to the Mosquito Brook trail head. Got more punches for the trail I rode and for the Taste de trail. Visited a couple minutes. Then on to the motel for a rest.

One more photo before I sign off for dinner and film fest. Thanks again to Bill for taking this photo on my camera. And, yes, I knew enough to try to smile this time. The photo was taken on the Makwa Trail.

Tonight the film fest is being held at Rivers Eatery, in Cable.

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