Friday, June 4, 2010

Festival of the Trails - Day 1 - Part B

The Meet and Greet was held at Hatchery Creek Park. Snacks and beverages were provided by CAMBA and Angry Minnow.

The evening session featured a demonstration of trails-side bike repairs. Topics were repairing flats, broken chains, what to carry on you, and broken spokes. Thanks to the wrench at New Moon Ski and Bike (I ended up with a free multi-tool - Thanks!)

Didn't get to much time to meet people because the demo took up all of the time. But, did take time off to walk over for a couple beers and some snacks!

By ride time, it was getting cool. Grabbed my cycling jacket and signed up for the ride. It did not take me much time on the trail before I knew it was something that was over my riding ability.

Its a whole different thing riding at familiar trails. Add in under lights, had not ridden single track with lights in some time, and the trail is just at the limit of my riding ability in daylight. Decided to bail on the ride to ride another day. Let the folks at the trail head that I had stopped and is back.

Visited a little with the TREK rep. The demo truck and trailer are at the Festival.

For something different, this evening's photo is of dinner - the pork tenderloin sandwich and potatoes at the Angry Minnow.

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