Friday, June 4, 2010

Festival of the Trails - Day 1

I awoke this morning to the sound of rain. It rained steadily mostly all morning. The first photo show what the weather looked like out of my motel door. Looked like it was gonna be wet riding this afternoon.

Headed out to Hatchery Creek Park for registration. Unloading the bike off the car, I met Bill (of Minneapolis). After dropping registration packet stuff, Bill offered to ride with me for a while. I really appreciated him riding with me. We had a really nice conversation (his wife is from Omaha).

We headed up the Hatchery Creek Trail. Not sure how far I would ride, we stopped at the first control point. At one mile (basically) I was feeling good enough to ride to another point. But, at H22 I was sure it was time to turn back. Bill headed on up the trail to hammer the trail.

Second photo is of me at H22. Sorry I have such a sour look on my face. I really am having fun!

On the return trail, I was surprised how fast I rode back - and mostly downhill. I had not realized just how much we had climbed on the way up.

When I got back to the Trail Head, I learned that had I ridden with Bill, I would have reached the punch for validating my ticket. The CAMBA member I was talking with (about a sign down) went ahead and punching mine, anyway. I HAD ridden the trail - just not far enough. I hope they allow me to do that other times, since the distances in these trails are a little too much for me.

Now, I was riding on wet rocks and roots, damp ground, and through water puddles. Thinking I am doing pretty good - for my riding. There was a couple spots I had to walk to climb and sometimes to bring down my heart rate.

Thankfully, this trail has short hills, Just a couple rocky spots that I did not feel comfortable riding. Feeling good. I celebrated with food and a beer at the Angry Minnow. Then a rest before evening festivities.

This evening is the Meet and Greet, a session of Trails-side Repairs. Then at 9pm, a "twi-night" ride (ride with lights). Not sure how far I will ride under the lights, but want to tackle it.

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