Friday, June 18, 2010

Riding in the Battlefield

It was getting "warm" and humid when I got to the Chickamauga Battlefield Vistor Center. The Visitor's Center opens at 8:30. I wanted to get a map. And, I was running late.

It was near 9:30 by the time I was ready to ride and starting to get a bit warm. They have a tour route, mostly on one-way paved park road. The tour clocks in at a little over 7 miles. Figured start out with riding that, then see how it goes.

The route is pretty flat, except for the spur up to Snodgrass Hill. I had to walk the bike - and in the heat it was starting to get to me. When I got back down to the main route, I was OK.

When I completed the tour route, I wanted a few more miles. Re-rode some of the route. Ended up with just over 11 miles in an hour (riding time). Stopped to take a few photos - even some the bike got in!

When I got back at the Visitor Center, i changed clothes (my jersey was pretty wet with sweat). Grabbed the Canon DSLR to get a couple more shots that I had seen on my ride.

I was surprised when I got in the car - the thermometer showed 79 degrees. Not that really hot -- but it was very humid. The 11 mph speed isn't to bad, considering I was stopping to take photos and had to walk that one hill.

Gonna keep this ride in mind for a early ride Sunday before I head to Augusta, GA.

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