Thursday, April 21, 2011

Biopsy, New Roommate, and Speech Therapist

Thought it would be a quiet day, but OH, NO.

Talked with the resident early this morning. Middle of the morning my surgeon caught me sleeping. Visited with him. Was thinking perhaps a boost of the coumadin today would kick-start my INR. My surgeon vetoed that, concerned it may cause bleeding, which we don't need.

He gave me good news/bad news. The tumor on my left kidney was cancer. Bad news was it was cancer, good news was it was kidney cancer (not a cancer that had metastasized from somewhere else - like the shoulder). Once again he expressed his confidence that we killed it all.

After lunch, I found out I would be getting a new roommate. Was nice having a "private" room for the 2 days. While the roommate is not making much noise, the machinery is.

My new roommate had 2 speech therapists working with him. When they finished, I asked to talk to them. Thanked them for what my speech therapist had done to help me back on the road to recovery.

As it happens, the therapist that started on my way was near. She remembered me (the face, not the name). I was able to thank her in person and show her how I am doing. That was the highlight (so far today). A close second it that my heparin is "therapeutic" and no more blood draws until 4 in the morning.

Once again, with nothing to photograph here today, I grabbed on from a ride earlier this month - the road bike on Indian Creek Bridge.

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