Sunday, April 3, 2011

Race Season Has Begun

The Psycowpath Mountain Bike race season got on a great start yesterday with 2 races. The first race was Jewell Jam Time Trial, held at Jewell Park, Bellevue, NE.

The weather and trail conditions wee about perfect. Solid, yet slightly tacky tread. Temperature in the 50s, climbing to 70 and a light breeze.

The winner was Stephen Jarrett, course trail leader. The photo above is of Steve as he burned up the course.

One problem with races at Jewell Park is the parking. Most of the parking is at an elementary school about 6 blocks South of the park. That can be taxing after standing on the hillside for 2 1/2 hours. Thanks to Dave of Moose Tooth, who gave me a ride to my car.

From Jewell Park, it was a quick stop at Mickey D's for some "food" and over to Swanson Park.

The Swanson Park races were "Short Track" events. Originally it was going to be a mountain bike crit through old town Bellevue. Maybe next year?

The short track races were exciting. Mass starts with riders navigating some 0.7 miles of grass and singletrack. Was not sure how long I would stay at the race. I shot the first 4 races. Did not stay for the 5th (last) race and awards. I had enought. After all, there's the Swanson River City Shoot-out to shoot today.

Photos I shot yesterday are on my race photo site --

Lesson learned: White Balance - I tried to adjust the balance for overcast, shade and sunny. The photos shot under "cloudy" and "shade" on the Canon are too warm (red tint). Sunny was OK. Think next time I will just leave the white balance as "Auto". Luckily, with the main camera (T1i) I was shooting both RAW and JPG. So, before I deliver files to my customers, I can correct the color temperature.

Lesson 2: Bring a bike to shoot races at Jewell. Its a long walk up the the car.

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