Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Successful Procedure

OK, so this photo has nothing about my hospital stay, except its where I would prefer to be - riding my bike at Manawa.

Doc was in to check on me this morning. Everything went well during my "US guided renal biopsy bilateral, renal cyroablation". They feel that they killed the tumor yet not harming the rest of the kidney.

My procedure was done in one of the CT scan rooms. In addition to the CT scan, they brought in an ultrasound machine. The surgeon and his assistant used the ultrasound to locate the kidney and tumor. It was also used to guide the "needle" for the biopsy.

Several trips into the CT scan as they froze the tumor (making sure they froze the whole tumor without damaging the kidney). They gave me some pain meds and some numbing drugs be was basically awake during the procedure. They needed me to hold my breath as they scanned.

The whole procedure was done in under 2 hours. While it was available to me, I did not need any pain medication over night. Slept soundly.

I was impressed with the team that did my surgery. The prep nurse (Nicole?) explained to me exactly what we were doing. Before the procedure started, Doctor Lagrange called "time out" to verify that everyone know who was the patient and what the procedure it was. I raised my hand to verify the patient name. They told me what they were doing, when they were doing it.

Thanks to Doctor Lagrange and the team.

Back in my room (they moved me to a different room, a quieter room) I was restricted to bed for 2 hours. Withing 4 hours, I eat a snack and was ready for my first post-surgery walk.

Now, we await the biopsy results and raising my INR number. Hoping to be released Friday or Saturday.

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