Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hardtail and Singletrack

Yesterday was another great day for bicycle riding, sixty's and sunny. Forecast was for windy conditions so I decided to check out dirt at Lake Manawa. Brought the hardtail with the rack as its easier to carry the D-SLR camera. Wanted to shoot some HDR of the trails at Manawa.

Started on West Sidewinder to warm-up and get re-acquainted with the hardtail on dirt. From there, headed East to start a lap. Trail condition was "primo". Nice solid tread. There has been enough riders to smooth out some of the rough spots.

double track from Riverfront Real Estate to Fast Track was dry! Re-route of the muddy area on Fast Track has worn in and old trail has disappeared.

In Tony's Playground, there's a new rouge log crossing (photo above). I can tell its rouge the way it was constructed. Request for riders - Please do NOT construct or alter trail features. Trail features must be constructed and maintained by the THOR Trail Crew.

Long's Loop is in good shape. Need a little work at the ditch - back side of Fast Track to No Second Chance. No Second Chance it clear though could be use some riding to crush the bark debris. East Sidewinder is in good shape.

On over the the short side. Ditch at the entrance of WoodChopper is dry. All of WoodChopper is in great condition.

It was just GREAT to be able to ride the WHOLE lap at Lake Manawa.

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