Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Grade A+ Day and Ride

The weather forecast today was for sunshine, 10 mph winds from the South, temperature in the lower 70s. Sound like a great day for a bicycle ride. The weather is suppoed to go south later in the week. If I was gonna log some miles, today was the day.

Wanting to log some miles means riding the road bike. Aired the tires and loaded the bike on the car. Grabbed a light jacket, not sure how it would be out in town. Drove to the Wabash Trace trailhead.

Temperature at the trailhead was 68. Loaded up supplies on the bike. Left the jacket, hoping I would not need it. By the time I started down the trail next to Mosquito Creek, I knew I had dressed properly.

Had a good ride (even into the wind - such as it was) to Indian Creek Bridge. Stopped for a quick dring of water and headed up Indian Creek Trail with the wind. I could have pushed the speed, but was just having a relaxing ride. Still maxed out at about 18mph.

On over to the Western Historic Trails Center. Dewey saw me dismounting the bike. When I entered the building, Dewey told me that someone I had ridden with in Wisconsin had been by last Friday. Figured it was Bill (from MN), my first ride at the Festival of the Trails. The photo on the right is of Bill.

Hope you are reading my blog, Bill. I am planning to attend this year's Festival of the Trails. Looking forward to seeing you again at Festival. Thanks for the inaugural ride. Hope you had a good ride while you were in the area (Dewey said you were on your bike when you visited the Trails Center).

From the Trails Center, rode up the Iowa Riverfront Trail to the "Bob Bridge". Decided to ride up the the center of the bridge. Construction on the Omaha side of the river, North of the bridge is getting near completion. New residence building and addition to the Gallup campus.

Lots of dirt being moved in the Iowa side of the river at the Bob Bridge. All of that construction is for the new Council Bluffs Riverfront Park. Even with the economy, CB is continuing develop and construct parks and trails. A progressive city.

Back down the Iowa Riverfront Trail to the Trails Center. Stopped long enough to fill my water bottle. Then, over to Xtreme Wheels. Relatively short visit there. Consumed my bottle of G2 and a granola bar.

On South into the wind down Harry Langdon and South Avenue back to the Wabash Trace Trailhead Park. Just short of 25 miles, and 2 hours and 15 minutes of riding time. Just an awesome day and ride.

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