Monday, April 4, 2011

Swanson River City Shootout

The first of the weekend of Psycowpath Mountain Bike racing is in the record books. The weather cooperated. Most of Sunday was sunny and breezy, In the woods, it was a almost hot!

Sunday saw the 20th running of the Swanson River City Shootout. There were 200 registered races! It also was the inaugural race for Omaha Devo.

My photos are posted on the race photo web site:

The photos on the web site have not been retouched or edited. Since I shot most in both JPG and Canon RAW, I am able to adjust much of the exposure of the photos. If you want to see what a corrected photo looks like before purchasing, send me a note with the number and I will send you a proof copy. Also, if you prefer the original Canon Raw file, that can be arranged, too.

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