Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Grade "A" Ride

Nearly a perfect day for a bicycle ride. Temperature was in the upper 60s to 70 degrees with wall-2-wall sunshine. There was a breeze from the West, meant leaning into the wind some times. Had the wind less, the day could have been A+.

The weather was just saying "Get out and ride". Did I want to ride my hardtail on The Trace? Maybe the Fuel EX7 for some dirt at Lake Manawa. Or perhaps some miles on pavement. Decisions, decisions. I opted for a pavement ride on the road bike.

Headed out from the Wabash Trace Trailhead. As normal, I was not sure just how far I would ride. But, with the weather, my goal was over 20 miles.

It was "breezy" with winds basically from the West. With that, I was still able to ride at about 10-11 mph into the wind. Stopped at the Indian Creek Bridge for a couple photos and a drink of water. On over to the Trails Centr.

Stopped there to sign the guest book and visit. The head wind section of the ride was over! Turned North to the Bob Bridge. Lots of construction between the levee and the river - constructing a new Council Bluffs park.

Continued on the Iowa Riverfront trails to Big Lake. Was a beautiful day at Big Lake. Today's photo features the Super T and a fisherman at Big Lake. This is one of my refreshment stops - eat a granola bar and drank my bottle of G2.

South on N. 8th into downtown. Stopped at the bike shop for a visit and look as larger saddle bags. From there is was a shot 4 miles down Harry Langdon to the trailhead. Roughest part of the ride was climbing over the railroad on Harry Langdon.

Ended up with 22 miles, 1 hour and 54 minutes riding time for 11.58 mph. Oh, and reached the 300 mile mark in 2011.

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