Friday, April 29, 2011

Mana-Swamp. Again

It has been too long since I was on one of my bikes. The weather and 10 days in the hospital separated me and the bikes. Yesterday, there was just no way that could not ride.

I knew that I needed to take it easy. While my medical procedure was normally carried out as out-patient, I had to be hospitalized because of coumadin therapy. It took a week after surgery to get my blood numbers correct.

The day was partly cloudy with a rather brisk wind from the NW. Parked in the lot at the Lake Manawa Nature Trail. From there, I would have my ride into the wind first, and the wind could blow me back to the car.

As I rode the Lake Manawa trail I soon noticed lots of standing water. This was not looking for the mountain bike trails. Made a short detour to the river to see the rived level. As expected, Section of the Lake Manawa mountain bike trails were under water (see photo).

Back on the trail to Indian Creek bridge. When I turned into the wind, I was not sure how far I would make it before turning back to the car. While I was wearing my heart monitor strap, I had forgotten to attach the monitor to the bike. So, did not push it. Kept up a 7mph+ pace.

Rode the SW loop - Manawa, up Indian Creek, to the bike shop, back down Harry Landon to Lake Manawa. Just over 14 miles at 9.5 mph. I rode the hybrid. Figured that was better to make sure not straining my back.

Forecast today is for winds from the SE. See where to ride today.

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