Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Clean-up Day 2011

A little backed up on posting. Should have written this a couple days ago. Just been tired from picking up trash and riding bike.

After coffee at Panera Bread last Sunday, I went home for a little and change clothes for the Lake Manawa Clean-up Day. Steve and I (from THOR) attended and lead the clean-up efforts in the mountain bike trail area.

Since I was less than a week out of the hospital, I took it easy. Walked West Sidewinder, picking up trash. By cleaning the 1/2 mile trail, I was tired. Rested at Steve's truck.

The turn-out for the clean-up day was smaller than previous years. There were about 7 of us in the river boat launch/mountain bike trail area. The above photo is of that crew (and 2 that did not stay around for the photo).

After crews returned to the staging area, door prizes were awarded. I won a multi-tool and knife set. Steve won a food certificate (which he gave away - yup, Steve gave away food).

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