Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tour de Bluffs

Tuesday was blood draw day (to check on my coagulation) and group breakfast. I was itching for another bicycle ride.

Once again I parked the the Wabash Trace trailhead. As I was prepping for my ride, Dennis drove into the parking lot for a bike ride. We visited a little as I finished loading stuff on the bike.

As we started down the trail, Dennis said "see you later" as I would be riding faster than him. When I got to the Indian Creek bridge, I stopped for water and see if Dennis caught up (his goal was riding to the Trials Center). After over 5 minutes, I headed up Indian Creek into the wind,

Stopped by the Trails Center to visit, spending about 20 minutes. No Dennis. At this time, I was was feeling good enough to ride on around town - our "Tour de Bluffs" route.

Under the Harrah's parking lot, I stopped for a couple photos. Wanted to get a photo of the swollen Missouri River and the road bike. The above photo also captures the Omaha skyline.

On up Iowa Riverfront Trail to Big Lake. Stopped there for some G2 and granola bar. From there, down N 8th into town and Xtreme Wheels. Stopped there for a visit and order some ShotBloks.

Down through town and South on Harry Langdon to the trailhead. Good ride. After the ride, went to Sam's Club for some groceries.

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