Wednesday, May 11, 2011

97 on May 10th!!!

That's right, it was 97 degrees officially in Omaha yesterday. Shattered the previous record. Glad I was able to get out an ride early.

Normal Tuesday morning - blood draw then breakfast. Ham radio/cycling friend rode his bike to breakfast. I had my hardtail with me. We left breakfast early: John - to ride home; me - to ride the Trace.

This was going to be my first ride this year up Dumfries hill. Loaded the Trek 4300 with the D-SLR, 2 bottles of G2, full fill of water in the hydration pack, and my emergency tools.

Glad I had the hydration pack to drink some water regularly. Stopped a couple times to slow down the heart rate and drink some G2. Made it up to Margaritaville in just under an hour.

Stopped to rest. Visited "Steve", another rider. Took a couple photos and started back down the hill. Took a couple other photos on the way down. Even stopped to take a couple shots of some trees/branches that couple use some trimming.

When I got home, it was 89 degrees at 11am! In the afternoon, I had to drive to the post office. The thermometer on the car was reading 98/99. Too hot for May 10th.

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