Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cedar Rapids Trails

This morning I met a friend for breakfast. From there, dropped off the Fuel EX7 at his Apartment in Iowa City. Drove up to Cedar Rapids, picked up his bike, and headed to the C St. Trailhead.

We rode South from the trailhead on the Cedar River Trail. It was a beautiful day for a bike ride. Another mostly sunny afternoon, temperature about 70. Lots of folks on the trail. Not sure how far the trail was open (maps show "proposed" on the South end). There were a couple places where the trail fooled us. Thought the trail was ending, only to find a sharp turn and the trail continues.

After about 5 miles, we were at Wright Brothers Blvd. The trail still continues, but we decided it was time to head back North. Wanted to check out the trail toward downtown. We found that the South end of the trail is called the Hoover Trail.

Stopped at the car to get another bottle of G2 and the tire pump (forgot to pack that on the ride) Heading north we only got under a mile when the trail was closed. Doing some tree removal along the creek.

Plan B - load the bikes and head downtown CR, picking up the Cedar River Trail there. It a very urban trail. There are detours downtown due to the 2008 floods. Followed the trail and detours to Cedar Lake.

The photo above was of the Cedar River Trail at Cedar Lake. At the lake, we turned back to the car, which was parking in Czech Village. It was time for some food. Found The Red Frog. Had a great burger and fries.

Dropped my friend's bike in Cedar Rapids and headed back to Iowa City. Time to relax after our 17+ mile ride. Logging the ride, I learned that the ride took me over 500 miles for the year.

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