Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Road Bike Ride

After walking the trails Sunday, I was very tired. Had problems getting moving on Monday. After my morning chat, I was back in bed for a nap. Eventually go up and found it was good weather for a bike ride.

Quickly gathered up my kit. Aired up the tires on the Super T (road bike), and headed to the Wabash Trace Trailhead.

As I approached the Mosquito Creek bridge, I noticed new bicycle lanes markings. (See photo).

There was a fairly stiff breeze from the North. With that, I flew down the trail to Lake Manawa. Stopped at the river boat ramp/mountain bike area. Wanted to add the portion of a miles from the ride and check the river level. Took a couple photos of the flooded trails.

Slugged up Indian Creek Trail into the wind. At Veteran's Memorial Trail I turned over toward the Trails Center. Had not been there since surgery. Stopped there to visit with Dewey.

From the Trails Center, back East to Indian Creek and north into town. Stopped by the bike shop. Ordered another Sigma PC3 heart monitor. After a visit with Zach, it was south with the wind to the trailhead and my car.

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