Sunday, May 8, 2011

Spring on The Trace

Sunday, Mother's Day. After coffee at Panera Bread, it was time to prep for a bike ride. While kitting up, the wind from the SE was picking up. Temperature was climbing through the 70s. A good day to ride on the Wabash Trace Nature Trail.

Drove down to Silver City. When I unloaded the bike, it was 79 degrees and the wind was still strengthening. I headed toward Malvern into the wind. Thankfully, the trees have started leafing out, giving some shelter from the wind.

Stopped at the Silver Creek bridge for a break and drink of G2. Sure glad I had my hydration pack on my back. With the sun, wind, and temperature I was consuming lots of water. With the wind. I was surprised with the large number of riders out on the trail.

On down to Malvern. Stopped at the "depot" for a rest, drank more G2, and ate a granola bar. The trail surface was much faster (more solid) than my ride a month ago. Still, it was a slow ride, traveling the 8.5 miles ay 57 minutes.

With a tail wind, I thought I would fly up the trail back to Silver City. Think all the pedaling into the wind sapped some of my legs. Ended up with doing the whole ride of 17.12 miles in 1:45, for 9.78 mph. By the time I reached Silver City, the wind was even stronger and the temperature climbed to 85 deg. Hope it drops down over night for a ride tomorrow.

OH, when I got home from my ride I called my Mom to wish her Happy Mother's Day.

For maintenance folks of that section of the Trace, there is a tree that is about to drop across the trail between 305th St and Hwy 34.

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