Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Under Water

Today I took a bike ride to survey the Missouri River flooding. Parked at the Wabash Trace trailhead. Not sure how far I would be able to ride.

The first think I noticed was that Mosquito Creek is lots higher. Only needs about another foot of water and the trail under the railroad will be under water. The next low spot is just before the trail climbs up onto the levee (just West of the nature trail). Only takes a few more inches and the trail will be under water. That trail section is on the other side of the levee from the river!

Forecasts are for another 5-7 feel ride in the river. At that point, seepage through/under the levee could flood Lake Manawa!

When I got toward the river boat ramp road, there were new barricades with cable/chain across the road. The above photo is what I saw when I got to the levee closest to the river. The parking lot is almost covered in water. Its gonna be a long time before we get out to ride Manawa singletrack.

My next stop was the Western Historic Trails Center. There, I was advised that the water if over the trail past the Center. Higher water than last year. Even the trail bypass is also underwater.

After a granola bar and some water, it was on over to the bike shop. Visited a little and made arrangements for first annual inspection for the road bike. Planning to leave it at the shop while attend Festival of the Trails and Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Festival.

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