Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Valley View Trail

Today, I just needed a short ride before my drive tomorrow. Decided to check out the new pavement which completes Valley View Trail. Dennis had told me that it was completed.

Parked in the K-Mart lot. Last fall I had ridden the new street along the side of K-Mart. Then I noticed that it looked like there would be a bicycle trail in addition to the new street. Sure enough.

Rode from the North end of Valley View (US 6) to the South end at the Wabash Trace Trailhead Park. Its a 5.2 mile ride. Today's photo is of the new section of Valley View as I headed North toward K-Mark.

After that, I dropped the road bike off at Xtreme Wheels for its one year check-up. In that year, I logged 1321 miles on the new bike.

Now packing up the car for my trip mountain bike festivals. Watch for reports at CAMBA's Festival of the Trails and Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Festival.

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