Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Copper Fall State Park

Packed up the room yesterday morning. Took my time (still a bit sore). The first stop was Copper Falls State Park.

Spent about 2 hours at the park. Walked/hiked the Doughboys' Nature Trail. The trail makes a 1.7 mile loop in the park. The trail started off easy enough. A little over half way, there's a long stairway down to the river. Over course, on over the river, had to climb back up the stairs. That was the roughest part of the hike.

The scenery was great. Brownstone Falls (today's photo) is actually more impressive that Copper Falls. More photos will be posted on my web site (when I get into updating the site). I think I was at this park many years ago during a family vacation. Just the falls seem to be smaller that I remember (of course, I was much smaller then, too!)

the nature trail brings you to views of Copper Falls, Brownstone Falls, the Cascades, and Devil Gates. Copper Falls in on the main branch of Bad River. Brownstone Falls in on Tyler Forks Branch of the Bar River.

Copper Falls State Park was an effort by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and the federal Works Progress Administration (WPA). The park is located near the town of Mellen, WI and a 23 mile drive from Ashland.

Today's plans include a ride along the lakefront on the bike path and playing tourist here in Ashland.

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